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The Temple, two crossed swords, the Atom, the Book and the Lamp. Besides, it carries India's National Adage
Success emanates from the unique academic environment with education, meaningful & productive
It is reflected in the growing number of rank holders in the Top Twenty lists of successful candidates
It is reflected in the growing number of rank holders in the Top Twenty lists of successful candidates

President G.B Message


I am immensely glad to welcome you to Our COLLEGE. I do hope this institution will be able to fulfill its sacred purpose of imparting knowledge in this era of Science & Technology innumerable students eager to open up new intellectual and academic horizons.

Principal's Message


I have great pleasure in welcoming you all who foresees the future and are interested in pursuing a career moving beyond the traditional educational system. A good future is shaped by good education and good education comes from a team of good and dedicated teachers.


Biranchi Narayan Madhab Arjun College is a premier Educational Institution located at Paliabindha of Bhadrak District in Odisha. Named after the Local deity Lord Biranchi Narayan and two generous donors Late Madhabananda Mallick and Late Arjun Charan Bal, the college has been catering to the Higher Education needs of the students of the District and other areas since its inception in 1975. During the last forty years the College has overcome several hurdles and has crossed several milestones.At no time, however, it has deviated from its noble mission of spreading education, enlightenment and efficiency.
The College is running in sprawling blocks built in the scenic rural back ground of Massive mango trees and spreading paddy fields. Connected by a wide pukka road of 1.2 kms to the Bhadrak Chandbali road near Allinagar, the college is easily accessible from both Bhadrak bus stand and Bhadrak Railway Station .

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